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Our Approach

Value is where you
find it.

Preservation of capital is at the core of our investment philosophy.

At Argyle, we believe that “Value is where you find it,” and that value opportunities exist in every investment environment. While we focus on value situations, we believe there is no one formula for finding such investments over time. Argyle’s overarching investment objective is conservative in nature: to preserve capital while taking prudent risks to pave the way for long-term growth. As independent thinkers, we often challenge the Wall Street consensus, allowing us to think beyond the modern mold.

While we are not active traders or market-timers, we are attuned to opportunities presented by volatile markets. This true conviction investment style results in a low asset turnover rate and recognizes the benefits of a long-term buy-and-hold strategy. Rather than imposing artificial constraints, we seek investment opportunities that naturally emerge. We firmly believe that our investors are better served by a diversified portfolio of individual securities, rather than mutual funds, ETFs or outside managers.

View the SEC Form ADV Brochure to learn more about our approach to advisory services.